Residential Package Equipment

We specialize in YORK® LX Series Residential Package Equipment and are the official dealer in the area for sales and service.

Compact and efficient, YORK® residential packaged units consolidate all the components of a traditional, split HVAC system into a single unit that sits outside your house. If you live in a home without a basement or you need a rooftop solution, YORK® residential packaged units are the ideal fit.

YORK® residential packaged units come in a variety of electric and gas combinations, with both single- and two-stage models available. And because they’re from YORK®, these packaged units are built to last.

Simplified demand defrost control: Instead of inferior time temp defrost, LX heat pumps use a simplified demand defrost control.

Reduced complexity Standardized: design ensures consistent performance and reliability across the product range and reduces replacement parts for servicing.

Gas heat exchanger with lifetime warranty: Stainless steel tubular gas heat exchanger is proven by over 1,000,000 lab-test cycles and comes with a standard, lifetime limited warranty.

Strong base rails: Fits on roof frames or slabs with no problem, and through gates and onto service trucks for faster installation time.

Maintain appearance: Powder-coat finish with 750-hour salt-spray rating ensures the exterior finish provides outstanding corrosion resistance and superior appearance in harsh conditions.

• Faster installation and service: Compressor, refrigeration controls and blower are all accessible through front access, while the evaporator coil slides out for easy cleaning. Convenient gas and electric hookups make it easy to connect the unit to power sources.