At NRG Essentials we can offer you a solution to problems associated with low humidity, a humidifier installed directly along your heating system.

If winter in your home means dry skin, scratchy throats and lots of static electricity buildup, you may have a problem with low humidity. When you close the windows and turn the heat on in the winter, you begin to reduce the humidity in your home.

Humidity + Health

Dry air in your home can cause or aggravate respiratory problems, dry out nasal passages and make you more susceptible to colds or the flu. Although winter weather is often blamed for these problems, another major cause is dry air produced by artificial heating. Humidifying your home to provide proper moisture levels will help alleviate these symptoms.

Other Problems

Static electricity is a direct result of dry air. In addition to causing painful shocks, it can damage computers and other electronic equipment.

Hardwood floors lose moisture and contract when the air in a home is extremely dry. This can cause the floor to separate at the seams.

Houseplants suffer from dryness caused by low humidity. Wallpaper may peel at the edges if the air in a home is excessively dry.