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nrg9All New High Efficiency Wall Furnaces

The Cozy Direct Vent Furnace is the perfect choice for today’s zone heating needs. It mounts easily on any outside wall and occupies a minimum of space. The sealed combustion chamber draws air for combustion from out of doors and exhausts the products of combustion to the outside keeping room air fresh as springtime. The telescoping vent assembly containing air inlet tube, vent tube and cap is included eliminating the need for expensive and difficult-to-install vent pipe systems. A wall mounted thermostat is standard or an optional built-in bulb stat kit (BBSK) is available. Both provide exact temperature control even if the power fails. All controls include 100% safety pilot and pressure regulator for safe, efficient operation.

Cozy Direct Vent Counterflow Wall Furnaces

COZY Direct Vent Counterflow Wall Furnaces incorporate three preferred concepts in heating – fan forced efficiency, counterflow heat delivery and sealed-combustion/direct venting. Cooler air is drawn into the top of the unit, heated and delivered at floor level where it is needed most. Sealed-combustion means the unit draws combustion air from outside and exhausts combustion products to the outside making safety a paramount consideration and allowing installation in sleeping quarters.

Direct venting eliminates expensive ductwork and simplifies installation. COZY Direct Vent Counterflows mount on any outside wall and are perfect for multi-story, room addition, garage apartment and vacation housing applications.